This course is an introduction to web development for absolute beginners, It is geared towards helping students understand the prerequisites of web design and development using content management systems and lastly submitting it for indexing to search engines.


Understanding the basic principles of web development

Build a website and a blog successfully

Understanding how to submit a website for indexing to search engines

Understanding web terms and platforms used for various goals.


The course is a comprehensive two to three-day session with minimal theory and a whole lot of practical work, and students will leave the class being able to develop a website and manage information into search engines so they may be able to design, develop and index a site whether a personal blog or professional requirements.


Introduction to design

This session is an interactive look at what tools can be used to design a website and concepts to grasp to understand work from idea to complete work.

Introduction to development

This brief session addresses the need to understand the difference between web design and development, the differences, and how development and design complement each other with regard to the web.

Introduction to tools

This session is for gathering tools and understanding how the scope of work helps design and development processes easier before working and how to gather the right tools for a project.