Who We Are

Teaching youth to code from an early age will help them develop other learning skills that they will need in their academic journey.
It is important that these skills are taught at a very young age so that they form part of their lives and they embrace a culture of problem solving and developing solutions to tackle day-to-day problems that they face within their community. We come from various educational and training backgrounds that has equipped us with the experience needed to deliver a program of this nature and scale. Our team members have provided community education programs in Soweto covering computer literacy to website development in content management system environments. We are actively involved in ISOC-Gauteng and ISOC Global which is a civil organisations that are key in providing access to ICT information and policy making powers within the global space.


We are the creators of a digital revolution for young leaders in the information and technological space.


To deliver the most relevant, new technology advancement in the education space.
Embracing digital literacy and meet the demands of digital learning environment.

Learning Model

Our programme challenges the transformation of the current schooling system, we aim to demonstrate a significant impact in both the teaching and learning environment through collaboration, transformation, and development with other stakeholders. We are confident in saying we have already achieved our mandate